Social Software Notes

Two thoughts.

We’ve been using Yammer but it’s not clear to me what advantages this has over IM and chatrooms, providing you are already using those behind your firewall (we use Jabber). Having said that, Yammer is a very nice UI and the twitter-like desktop and mobile clients are great. It’s possible to have too much of a good thing, presence-based instant messaging is one of them. Just need one system for everyone to use.

Wikis. We’ve been building out a wiki for NewsGator developer services. Nothing fancy but my team has put a lot of energy into building out the content and from a quality standpoint I think it’s pretty high. I heard something today that totally validated the energy we have invested here:

“We have seen a decrease in inbound support requests since the wiki has been online and built out.”

Okay, so we’ve increased our customer count and expanded our product with things like the Gigya integration and new Editor’s Desk functions, yet the inbound support requests have declined. That is awesome and it loudly makes the point that when given the resources people will help themselves and be happy about doing it.

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