McCain at Alfred House Dinner

ROFL. Well worth the 6 minutes to watch this…

The Scoble Factor

Got this email from Plaxo today:


My first thought was “no shit, Scoble uses everything… probably not the best person to highlight.”

P2P Loans Runs in the SEC

This is an interesting story at the intersection of regulatory oversight and technology enabled business models. Personally, I really like the P2P startups but I wonder about the potential for abuse in these networks and the backing company’s willingness to regulate the markets if the net effect is to reduce activity.

But this so-called peer-to-peer lending, which until recently seemed that it might offer a reliable source of money in this calamitous economic environment, is now experiencing a squeeze of its own.

[From Lending Alternative Hits Hurdle –]

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Über Contrarian

From an email I received today:

“The country’s economic crisis has had a serious impact on business, and tech companies are no different. However, at least one sector of the tech world seems to be thriving– business software.”

Apparently I am reading the wrong business press

Widget Arms Race: Gigya Takes the Worldwide Lead

Widget Arms Race: Gigya Takes the Worldwide Lead

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