Apple Value

Apple announced new laptops today and the crowd went wild. The Macbook Pro line was pretty long in the tooth and in need of a significant refit, and while I am lusting for a new model I can also say that dollar-for-dollar the MBP is a little disappointing. Sure the features are impressive but the price tag is steep and in this economy I find myself questioning every expense.

Don’t get me wrong about my statement on value, I bang the hell out of my macbook pro and it has more than delivered the goods, in fact I’ve used it so much that the printing on some of the keys is worn off. I’ve earned my living with this laptop and it has not let me down, but I do wish that Apple would make it a priority to deliver more for less with each successive model in a mature product line like the macbooks, instead they are delivering more for more.

I am still going to get one as soon as I can get my butt down to the Apple store on University.