Apple’s .83% market share

UPDATE: My Monday morning math was off a digit, with 1.2 billion handsets sold on an annual basis, Apple’s 10 million share is .83%

I was reminded about how important perspective is when last Friday I met up with Jackie Danicki, Chris Yeh, and Christine Lu, who had a great quote when she said “I don’t tweet too much, some people just don’t have enough people in their follow list and my tweets don’t distribute out evenly as a result”. Today I read that Apple has sold 10 million iPhones in 2008… or put another way, .0083% .83% of global handset shipments.

Why is 7.6 million significant? Because coming into its fourth quarter, Apple had already sold 2.42 million first-generation iPhones. So if Tommo_UK’s IMEI data can be trusted and if Zaky and Muller’s analysis is correct, Apple (AAPL) has reached its oft-stated goal of selling at least 10 million iPhones in 2008 with three months to spare.

[From Apple iPhone 3Gs: 9,190,680 and counting – Apple 2.0]

If you look just at “smartphone” shipments then Apple’s performance is stellar, however it would appear that Apple is assiduously trying to avoid that label so they may take offense with being measured against that much smaller market segment. At any rate, it would be really interesting to see a breakdown of unit shipments by country.