$35 Per Ticket

New movie theater opening in an affluent town in Illinois. For $35 per person you get a lot of nice extras but is it worth it? My first reaction was “yeah that’s a good idea, improving the movie experience is at least as good as better movies in terms of making me want to go,” but then I thought further about it and “hell if I want to watch a movie I’ll wait until it comes out on Netflix and watch it my own house on a high def big screen with a kick ass sound system and my own damn food.”

This is still probably a good idea…

That new luxury movie theater we told you about back in March will open Friday in affluent South Barrington, IL. At $35 a ticket, you’re treated to valet parking, waiter service, individual reclining chairs, and should you require, blankets and slippers. And no, the food isn’t included.

[From Expensive: $35 Per Ticket Movie Theater Comes With Valet Parking, Blankets And Slippers]