Senate Passes Bill Creating ‘Copyright Czar’

I’m surprised people seriously refer to these positions are “this or that czar”… there’s a reason he was called Ivan the Terrible, but even the modern history of czars is less than complimentary.

Oxy U.S. lawmakers approved the creation of a cabinet-level position of copyright czar as part of sweeping intellectual property enforcement legislation that sailed through the Senate on Friday.

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The Hugo Chavez Irony Meter

200809280836.jpg The little big man down in Venezuela fully pegged the irony meter this week by first claiming that capitalism has destroyed the United States and that we should write a new constitution that frees us from the “dictatorship of the elite” that is banks and big corporations… and then placing an order for a bunch of laptops for schools that are made by a big U.S. corporation that is in many ways the poster child for capitalism. I guess Chavez is behind on his reading and hasn’t heard of One Laptop Per Child.

The computers, which the government started distributing in Portuguese primary schools this week at a subsidised price of 50 euros , will be delivered to Venezuela from December. They cost 285 euros in stores in Portugal.

The laptop is based on Intel Corp’s Classmate PC, a cheap computer that has been adopted in various formats in countries such as Brazil and Indonesia.

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