FeedBurner May Not Be Hearing Your Pings

This is actually a bigger deal than simply an inconvenience. Many media publishers are now relying on RSS to not only take inbound content but also publish it out and when latency is introduced in the plumbing it creates larger problems for publishers.

RSS is an infrastructure and when providers of the services fail to provide optimal performance it really harms everyone else in the business by introducing a confidence issue.

NewsGator serves content to publishers not only through widgets but also through our platform services that are either instantiated as applications or APIs that are used to drive custom apps. We go to great expense and effort to ensure that our clients are experiencing a level of performance that not only meets but exceeds their expectations and SLAs in our contracts keep us honest on this point. All that work becomes moot though when the actual publisher of the feed fails, as was the case here, because while we republish search as feeds and make additional content available as original feeds, the bulk of the content we deliver is being published not by us.

If FeedBurner decides to take its sweet time in delivering the news, that’s bad for bloggers. Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening right now. We’ve been seeing delays of up to 20 minutes between posting to our site and our posts appearing in our FeedBurner feeds. That’s a pretty serious problem and we’re not alone in experiencing it.

[From FeedBurner May Not Be Hearing Your Pings – ReadWriteWeb]