Socialist Government Bids on Socialist Airline

“With the aid of (Venezuela’s) socialist government, we are certain that we can resolve a large part of the problems which have beset Alitalia and its employees,” the Italian news agency cited Aserca director-general Hugo Santoro as saying in a statement.

[From Venezuelan carrier Aserca to lodge Alitalia offer: report]

I thought the problem with Alitalia is that it’s essentially a socialist workers paradise already? If a fully socialist government ends up acquiring a socialist airline, won’t the two cancel each other out like a double negative?

The Feds Are On the Case

barneyfife.jpgThe FBI is investigating Fannie, Freddie, AIG, and Lehman. If they look hard enough I’m sure they will find something they can call fraud, that’s what Eliot Spitzer did… in fact it makes one wonder if Spitzer hadn’t railroaded Hank Greenberg would AIG not be a department of the Federal government right now?

Enough with the idle speculation, I would like them to expand their investigation of the financial meltdown to include Congress. As much as stupidity is not a crime, nor is accepting boatloads of lobbyist money, it would be a service to the American people nonetheless to have a fact finding expedition on the subject.

New York Times syndicates VentureBeat

Congratulations to Matt and the rest of his team, this is great news. It also underscores a trend that has been gaining steam over the last year with the line between newspapers, magazines, and blogs increasingly blurred. It’s all about content syndication at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what label is stuck on the source.

The New York Times announced today that it will syndicate VentureBeat’s content, as part of a redesign of the Times’ online technology section.

[From New York Times syndicates VentureBeat » VentureBeat]

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NetNewsWire iPhone Application is Very Popular

Today we released some statistics for adoption and usage of our NetNewsWire for iPhone application. To recap, this is the downloadable and installable version of NNW for the iPhone, not the web-based version we launched last year when the original iPhone was released.

# There are over 200,000 users of NetNewsWire for iPhone
# Over 115,000 iPhone users have signed up in the past 30 days

# The average NetNewsWire iPhone user subscribes to 26 feeds

# One NetNewsWire/iPhone user has over 2,800 feeds — wow!

# More than 130 million items have been marked read by NNW/iPhone users

[From NetNewsWire iPhone Application is Very Popular: NewsGator Widget Blog]

Here are the 2 stats which mean most to me, new users in last 30 days and items marked read. The new users in the last 30 days is meaningful because it indicates strong word-of-mouth traffic and all while the App Store on iTunes has become very crowded. People like this app and are telling other people about it.

The items read (along with another stat that we track showing how many registered users are accessing it daily) is really important because it underscores a very important point, people are installing the app AND actually using it on a repeat basis. I can think of no more important metric to track as an indictor of the value people are getting from this application.

I could read into the average number of feeds subscribed to, but I’m a little hesitant to because this could have many meanings. The 26 feeds per iPhone user could mean that we are reaching into the “mainstream mass market” and not just the RSS geek and early adopter market, or it could suggest that users are actually being very specific about the feeds they are reading while mobile and taking advantage of our “Locations” capability to organize their experience.

These are great numbers that we are certainly proud to talk about, but it also fits with a general attitude we have about being transparent about our business.