GE Drops Google, Selects Zoho

I agree with Daya on two points, Google Spreadsheets is a disaster and Zoho is a remarkable company that has defied the odds to become the leader in online productivity apps. With 1 million users, before this 400k GE agreement, they have outmaneuvered everyone else.

A GE spokesperson who did not want to be identified said their decision was based around issues of personal and corporate privacy, functionality, support, features and Zoho won hands down. The spokesperson said the Google application was intrusive and the ads started to become a nusiance. I tested both applications today. Google Spreadsheets was a disaster. I have not noticed any major change with it over the past year. However I would encourage you to try both products to get a feel before you choose one.

[From GE Drops Google, Selects Zoho]

Zoho’s product portfolio is broad, very broad, and it further highlights how well this company just “gets shit done” because none of these products are crippled or feature bare. What I like best about Zoho is that in a business obsessed with who is going to buy so-and-so, these guys have gone for it and are building a real brand.

Simply put, Zoho owns this category, everyone else is an also ran.


UC Tree Sitters’ Legal Bills

After a few weeks of bad news, I read this piece on the aftermath of the now infamous UC Berkeley tree sitters and it made me smile, especially the part about UC (BTW, let’s not forget they are funded by CA taxpayers AND students) standing to have legal costs recovered from the very people who wasted two years doing it.

Berkeley’s infamous tree-sitters have been hit with a rude surprise since they came down to earth: Judges are socking them with thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees.

Ironically, much of the money – which could total more than $10,000 per sitter – is going straight to the University of California, the very institution the tree-sitters were protesting as they tried to save a grove of trees outside Memorial Stadium.

[From UC hits tree-sitters with expensive surprise]