Chevy Volt – Concept or Production?

The results are running neck-and-neck. After seeing it for the second time, it doesn’t look as disappointing but I’d still prefer the concept. Count me in for one at any rate, I’m buying one of these as soon as it’s available.

On a related note, the EV1 from GM was fugly, if they had made it look more like a contemporary car instead of a homebuilt geekmobile they would own the plug in electric market right now. Similarly, if Honda hadn’t made the Insight so impractical (and fugly) they quite possibly could be in Toyota’s pole position. Design matters (although this doesn’t explain why the Prius is so damn popular given that it ain’t no head turner… another kind of fashion statement I guess).

Now that you’ve had time to digest the look of the production Chevrolet Volt in a somewhat more flattering environment, it’s time to have your say. Obviously it changed a lot, but that was a necessity to get this first one out the door and meet the performance targets. The wheels shrunk, the greenhouse grew, and the transparent shoulders are now opaque. But this is now a real and buildable car. You’ve all been having your say in the comments, now let’s get some numbers from a thoroughly unscientific, self-selecting poll. Did Bob Boniface and his team break it or fix it?

[From Poll: 2011 Chevrolet Volt – which do you prefer, concept or production? – AutoblogGreen]

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Digital Photography Keeps Getting Better

Whoa! A full frame DSLR that can also capture 1080p HD movies. Canon and Nikon have been slugging it out for years in the high end digital photography market and it’s proof that under such market conditions it is consumers that win. While $2,700 is a good chunk of change for the camera body alone, it’s a small amount considering that this is a professional grade camera that boasts an incredible array of features.

I’ve been wanting a 5D for years but am now glad I held off buying one under the assumption that a big update had to be coming following some impressive Nikon releases and a lot of attention paid to the Canon 40D line in recent years.

Pre-Photokina 2008: After a week or so of teaser ads Canon has finally unveiled the successor to the venerable EOS 5D, the world’s first ‘compact’ full frame digital SLR. The EOS 5D Mark II boasts a new 21MP CMOS sensor, an expanded ISO range of 50-25,600 and a wealth of improvements and new features including full 1080p HD movie recording, live view, 3.0″ 920k dot LCD, DIGIC IV processor, increased battery capacity and sensor dust reduction. UPDATE: Body-only prices: US: $ 2,699, EU: € 2,499, UK: £ 2,299.

[From Canon EOS 5D Mark II: 21MP and HD movies: Digital Photography Review]

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