SiteMeter Apologizes, Goes Back to “Classic”

UPDATE: Louis Gray points out for the gazillionth time in history that there is a difference between “data” and “information”… when will the people who build analytics applications learn that lesson?

“But what SiteMeter didn’t do with their new version was make the data look useful for humans. Instead of a friendly UI, its newest offering felt very raw, with unpolished typefaces, and gaps that showed not all the data was being tracked. It’s the same type of feeling most Mac users get when entering Linux for the first time.”

Sometimes you can’t do better than a classic, and this is no more true than in the case of Sitemeter’s “update”. Botched update, lot’s of angry customers, and a candid response (which is good, btw).

As you’re no doubt aware by now, we’ve chosen to roll back our website to the previous “classic” version.

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