BART Victimizes Their Own Success

So let me get this straight, BART is so popular that the trains are crowded so BART managers want to make it more expensive to use the train during peak hours so less people use it. Shrewd.

Hitting them in the pocketbook could be an effective tool. If it costs more to ride BART at 8 a.m. than 10 a.m., more people could opt to take a later train. If it costs more to take the train to Montgomery Street Station in San Francisco’s Financial District than it does to Powell Street Station one stop away, more people might choose the cheaper exit. Charging more at station parking lots during periods of high demand also could prompt people to rearrange their schedules.

[From BART considers higher fares for peak hours]

I understand that this is essentially a congestion pricing proposal but it asinine to essentially come at this from the perspective that riders serve BART as opposed to the other way around. My prediction is that by raising the price during peak hours people won’t rearrange their schedule to ride during cheap hours, they will simply get back in their cars to get to work when they need to be there… then we will be treated to BART flailing their arms while bemoaning about falling ridership and people not doing enough to get out of their cars.

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