Mythbusters Adam on Education Issues

Busy Mythbusters week, in addition to the following, Savage also backpedaled on the whole “credit card company lawyers threatened us about doing anything on RFID security” story.

Irrespective of the RFID story, his comments on science education are very good.

When Jamie Hyneman and I speak at teacher conventions, we always draw a grateful crowd. They tell us Thursday mornings are productive because students see us doing hands-on science Wednesday nights on our show MythBusters, and they want to talk about it. These teachers are so dedicated, but they have difficulty teaching for the standardized tests they’re given with the budgets they’re not given. It’s one reason the U.S. is falling behind other countries in science: By 2010, Asia will have 90 percent of the world’s Ph.D. scientists and engineers. We’re not teachers, but our show has taught us a lot about how to get people interested in science. Here are three humble suggestions that might help reinvigorate American science education.

[From Mythbusters Adam on Education Issues – Importance of Education – Popular Mechanics]