Office 2.0


I agree with Sam, less vibration but would add that there was still a lot of mass. The companies are familiar names and what I found interesting is that there was less talk about technical and application solutions, more focus on sales and marketing challenges. This is not a new sector anymore, these are growth companies that are looking to scale.

Also, customers were a welcome addition to the program. Lot’s of case study and customer interviews.

C’mon Bitch, Sue Me!

Brilliant. It is flabbergasting that the State of California asserts copyright over material that is the fruit of public taxpayer dollars… and on top of that, is information that represents required knowledge for select segments of the market. This is an interesting article about a guy that has a lot of support behind his activities.

California’s building codes, plumbing standards and criminal laws can be found online.

But if you want to download and save those laws to your computer, forget it.

The state claims copyright to those laws. It dictates how you can access and distribute them — and therefore how much you’ll have to pay for print or digital copies.

[From He’s giving you access, one document at a time | | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA]