Key News Audiences Now Blend Online and Traditional Sources

Interesting Pew study on the trends in news consumption… I would add my own commentary to this but it would basically be a rehash of other posts I have written over the years. Yeah, people are changing their behaviors as a result of the web, that much is obvious.

Actually, I will add one comment to a tidbit that is in this study. They found that social networks are not “newsy” and I fully agree with that after watching the results of NewsGator’s Facebook app that launched late last year. While we can always find fault with the tactics that lead to dismal results, there was one other factor that is unavoidable, which is that people are not using Facebook and social networks more broadly to consume traditional content. It may be generational but it may also be related to the user experience that prioritizes soundbites over full text.

A sizable minority of Americans find themselves at the intersection of these two long-standing trends in news consumption. Integrators, who get the news from both traditional sources and the internet, are a more engaged, sophisticated and demographically sought-after audience segment than those who mostly rely on traditional news sources. Integrators share some characteristics with a smaller, younger, more internet savvy audience segment – Net-Newsers – who principally turn to the web for news, and largely eschew traditional sources. (For a complete description of how the news audience segments are classified, see pg. 45.)

[From Overview: Key News Audiences Now Blend Online and Traditional Sources]