Playing with Widgets

Brent Simmons wrote a great post documenting his exploration of NewsGator’s widget service. I am super impressed with the widgets that he created right out of the gate, cool stuff.

NewsGator’s widgets business hasn’t overlapped with NetNewsWire, but I felt like learning more about it. (I take it as self-evident that it’s good to be curious about your own company’s products.)

[From ‘Checking out NewsGator Widgets’]

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Glenn Tilton Must Go

No argument here.

Finally, as the men and women who operate this airline every day, we know the truth, and it’s not what Glenn Tilton tells the marketplace. United’s failures are the result of a combination of management incompetence, short term decision making, and self dealing in decisions about how to position United Airlines for the future. In this website, we’re going to show you the facts in each of these areas. We’re going to show you the management choices Glenn Tilton has made, and how they have cost both the airline and its customers; whether measured financially, in customer or employee satisfaction, in on-time performance, introduction of new services, or any other metric by which a customer or an investor might measure success. And that is the final and most important reason why Glenn Tilton must go.

[From Home – Save United – Remove Glenn Tilton]

Surcharge Gouging at VistaPrint

This is bullshit, how exactly is VistaPrint justifying a “fuel surcharge” when they are shipping my order via USPS? If Robert Keane, VistaPrint’s CEO, gets in his car to drive my stupid little order over, then he can charge me for fuel but until then this is an egregious and unwarranted tax on every order that is the equivalent of price gouging.

I should be able to charge them a surcharge for wasting 10 minutes of my time running the “special offer” gauntlet that you have to go through to complete a simple order.