NewsGator/mSpoke Collaborative Related Content

NewsGator and mSpoke have been quietly working together for several months on a range of projects. In addition to having some kick ass technology, we really like the mSpoke team and are excited that fruits from our working projects are beginning to be realized. Sean Ammirati wrote a thoughtful post on our Widgets Blog about the conceptual approach to delivering related content, which as the name suggests is a mechanism that publishers can use to surface not only highly relevant third party sourced material against any source piece of content, but related content that is filtered using our attention score.

Over the last several months, NewsGator has partnered with mSpoke on several initiatives. Our first jointly-developed product “the Related Content widget” is now coming to market. While many companies can recommend related articles, we provide a superior experience by combining NewsGator’s attention data and reporting with mSpoke’s content analysis capabilities. In this post, I’ll give a quick overview of how the Related Content Widget works and some of the highlights of our unique approach.

[From mSpoke’s Sean Ammirati on Our Collaborative Related Content Widget: NewsGator Widget Blog]