NBC responds to Olympic fakery accusations

And sometime after 2016 there will be no actual Olympic games, the events will be digitally created with medal winners selected at random…

NBC Response: An NBC Sports spokesperson says U.S. viewers were informed of the manipulation. Commentators Matt Lauer and Bob Costas said the fireworks were a digital effect. From the opening ceremony transcript during the fireworks in question:

Lauer: “You’re looking at a cinematic device employed by Zhang Yimou here. This is actually almost animation. A footstep a second, 29 in all, to signify the 29 Olympiads.”

Costas: “We said earlier that aspects of this Opening Ceremony are almost like cinema in real time. Well this is quite literally cinematic.”

[From NBC responds to Olympic fakery accusations–The Live Feed]

A123 Systems IPO

I long ago stopped watching IPOs but A123 Systems is going to be one to watch. The company makes advanced lithium ion batteries that are primarily targeted to the transportation market and as you can imagine this has been a hot growth market. A123 alone went from less than $1m in revenue in 2005 to $41m in revenue for 2007 and with about 150 employees. Not profitable but that is not surprising considering the significant R&D and manufacturing costs, both of which should decrease with technology maturity and volume.

Irrespective of what happens with oil, and for the record I predicted back in early July that we would see oil fall to between $80-90 (trading today at $114), the consumer consciousness has set in and hybrid and plug-in electric vehicle sales will outpace traditional vehicle sales. Add to the mix expansion in industrial vehicle sales and commercial vehicles and A123 will remain in a good place.

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Defrag 2008 Discounted Registration

There are a couple of events each year that I really look forward to, Defrag is one of them. I’m moderating a really cool panel on “fixing information channels” this year that will look at how the explosion of communication channels is causing profound change in the way we communicate as groups and peer-to-peer. Also, as systems like calendars become more interactive and integrated into other systems we will have to change the way we look at them from being utilities to networks.

You can use the discount code “JN1” to get $100 off the registration fee, but act quickly because early registration expires this Friday.

Olympics Schedule Widget

Here’s an extra Olympics widget we put out with Tribune Media, it features scheduling details for the events coverage.

The standard formatting note applies, when you install this widget on your blog, start page or social network, it will resize down to fit the space available.