Help Thomas Support Zimbabwe

My good friend Thomas Otter is using his personal vacation time to raise money for Zimbabwe relief efforts. Check out his page and pitch in.

This year,in August, I’m being even more of an idiot. I’m doing a week long Alpine ride with a bunch of cycling mates, all of whom are leaner and meaner than me. This time the money will go to the Zimbabwe Benefit Foundation. It is a very reputable charity, and has Desmond Tutu as its patron.

[From The Alps and Zimbabwe « Vendorprisey]

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When Journalism Simply Isn’t

Let me get this right, the vast majority of “credible” news outlets refused to report on this story because the National Enquirer broke it (and Edwards was no longer a candidate) but now that Edwards himself has admitted to half of the National Enquirer report, now it’s a story? I guess the news professionals finally received the corroboration they were looking for. No wonder people have stopped looking to newspapers for investigative journalism.

There are indeed two Americas, Edwards had a wife in one and a mistress in the other.

John Edwards repeatedly lied during his Presidential campaign about an extramarital affair with a novice filmmaker, the former Senator admitted to ABC News today.

[From ABC News: Edwards Admits to Sexual Affair; Lied as Presidential Candidate]

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State Supreme Court rejects noncompete clauses

Georgia is the other state that I am aware of that holds noncompete agreements to be unenforceable. It’s rather shameful that companies still attempt to get employees to sign on to employment agreement terms that are illegal and they do so because they believe that people simply won’t figure it out on their own. The bottom line is that in California an employer cannot prevent you from earning a living in a future job as a precondition for a current job, even if in the same field.

Californians have the right to move from one company to another or start their own business and can’t be prohibited by their employer from working for a competitor in their next job, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

[From State Supreme Court rejects noncompete clauses]