Not Upgrading to the iPhone 3G

Thomas Hawk nicely summarizes why I won’t upgrade to the 3G… I’ve had my “original iPhone” for about a year (bought it post price cut) and generally like it but the new iPhone simply doesn’t do it for me and I can’t see shelling out the $$ to get something that is a minor version release.

Originally I was not planning on upgrading to the new phone. But when my old phone was dropped and broken this provided the entry to try out the new iPhone 3G. My experience with the new phone so far is that it is very similar to old phone. But for people with a working first generation iPhone I do not feel that upgrading is worth it after a month of hands on experience and here are my reasons why.

[From Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection: The Top Five Reasons Not to Upgrade to the New iPhone 3G]

Hawk points out that the 3G network is less than impressive and having seen my wife’s Verizon Blackberry side-by-side with a new 3G iPhone, I concur. Verizon’s network is simply better than AT&T on many levels… and that’s here in Bay Area, I can only imagine what it must be like on the east coast where Verizon is dominant.

I do disagree with Hawk’s assertion that wifi will be ubiquitous, but that’s really a small point and I don’t think the iPhone on wifi is all that great either when public wifi connections often require you to submit an email or have some other login feature before activating.

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