The Man Takes His Oil Changes Seriously

He flew the car to Heathrow… I’m surprised he actually got it back. I love reading stories like this if for no other reason than the self-induced outrage from critics is entertaining… throw in a quote from PETA and it would make my day.

A RICH Arab sent his Lamborghini on a 6,500-mile round trip to Britain for a service.

The £190,000 supercar was put on a scheduled flight from Qatar to Heathrow – then flown BACK after the oil check.

[From Sheikh flies Lamborghini £6,500 miles to Britain for oil change | Exclusive pictures of the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 supercar arriving in Heathrow | The Sun |News]


Local Ad Dollars, Slip Sliding Away

Mark is spot on, newspapers are selling a one-size-fits-all display ad model to local advertisers who won’t buy banners and they are trying to sell these through a sales force ill-equipped and uninterested in selling online ad inventory.

There’s a good but depressing article in the Wall Street Journal about how newspapers are continuing to fall behind in the local online advertising derby–even as their print ad revenues are ebbing away. According to Borrell statistics cited in the story, newspaper share of the local online ad market has fallen to 27.4 percent from 35.9 percent two years ago. Things aren’t going in the right direction. That’s not good–especially when the overall local online advertising market is growing, ahem, at a 57 percent annual clip.

[From Recovering Journalist: Local Ad Dollars, Slip Sliding Away]

For my take on newspapers and local ads click here for something I wrote a few weeks ago.

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Why I Don’t Eat Out in SF Anymore

Sometimes it unavoidable but if my wife and I are contemplating where to have dinner next Saturday it certainly will not be in SF. Why? Because between the hassles of parking, traffic, and panhandlers, I now often have to deal with already too expensive restaurants nickle-and-diming me to cover their SF mandated living wage, healthcare, paid time off, and other social initiatives that really don’t get paid for by businesses but are directly passed on to consumers. And if the Board of Dupes has their way, it will only get worse.

Businesses with more than 20 employees working in San Francisco would be required to help their workers ditch their cars and commute to work on transit or in vanpools under a proposal being considered by city officials.

[From PLAN AFOOT TO GET S.F. WORKERS OUT OF CARS / BUSINESSOBLIGATION: Firms would have to provide transit passes or shuttle service or help employees set up pretax accounts]

There are some fantastic restaurants in SF but it’s simply not worth the hassle and now additional costs. For every Michael Mina in SF there is a Village Pub on the Peninsula where I can still get overcharged for the food and wine but at least I don’t have to pay surcharges for the non-food part of the experience.