Back to the Stone Age

Well it’s relieving to see that Jerry Brown isn’t wasting any time before running for Governor… again. Why not stop with evaluating electrical usage and diesel emissions, they should also be forced to evaluate emissions created by the cars that people will invariably use to get to work, their body heat and CO2 output, methane gas from human, uh, waste products, and radiation emitted by microwaves used to heat up Hot Pockets for lunch.

In other words, instead of encouraging the creation of jobs in a community that was decimated when the logging industry collapsed, let’s make it as difficult as humanly possible for these towns to use their local resources. It kind of makes one wonder if we will get to a point where humans are banned from non-urban areas because of their environmental impact.

He said it failed to include an examination of whether the operation will contribute to global warming through the production of plastic bottles, the operation’s electrical demands and the diesel soot and greenhouse gas emissions produced by trucks traveling to and from the plant.

[From – CA. AG Cracks Down On Nestle Bottling Plant]

On the surface these requirements don’t seem that insidious, if it were the case that reasonable and objective politicians but we all know that this is not the case. Lastly, I don’t have any opinion on the proposed Nestle bottling plant and find the entire notion of bottled water to be rather silly in the first place, but I remain adamantly opposed to politicians in Sacramento telling the residents of Shasta County what industries they can and can not foster.

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Improving Online Experience

okay, much of what is in this study falls under “stating the obvious” such as site visitors wanting information fast and that visual design is important. Having said that, there is a lot of subtlety here and it’s worth a read, I found the focus on site and visitor orientation to be interesting.

This report outlines key findings from surveys that explored factors that drive online experience as expressed by the three different subject groups – nonprofit organizations and cities, web designers and firms, and the general public. The survey’s major findings are:

[From Factors that improve online experiences]

Dead Body Found on Delta Airplane

The shocking part of the story is that because Delta doesn’t bother to clean their airplanes anymore in an effort to cut costs, the body wasn’t discovered until the plane had been on 4 roundtrips. Kidding… I’m kidding.

Delta flight attendants found the body of a 61-year-old woman in the restroom of a plane that landed in Atlanta early Wednesday morning, a spokeswoman for the company said.

[From Delta says body found in plane’s restroom – News-]