I Can’t Drive 55

I don’t know why I should care… in the Bay Area you can’t drive more than 35mph most of the time. Actually, this isn’t entirely true, on most days you can whip up and down i280 at 65mph, which means you are in the slow lane because the average speed on that freeway feels like 80mph… which only adds further evidence to the notion that if drivers will routinely disobey 65mph then they will certainly disobey 55mph.

Mr. Warner may be willing to drive slower to save gas. The vast majority of Americans surely are not. The original 55 mph speed-limit law, enacted in October 1974 after the OPEC oil embargo as a way to save energy, was probably the most despised and universally disobeyed law in America since Prohibition. In wide-open western states, driving at 70 mph or even 80 mph on miles upon miles of straight, flat, uncongested freeways is regarded as a God-given right. In the 1970s and ’80s, the federal speed limit was a daily reminder of the intrusiveness of nanny-state regulation.

[From The Insanity of Drive-55 Laws – WSJ.com]

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