California’s Math Education Problem Extends to Statisticians

According to these numbers from a “highly accurate” reporting system, 24% of California’s high school students are dropping out, 127,292 students. The problem with this statistic is that there are 2 million students enrolled in California’s high school system. So 24% of 2 million is 127,292 students?

California’s first true count of high school dropouts shows that one in four kids quit school last year – 127,292 – which is far more than state educators estimated before they began using a new student-tracking system.

The statewide 24-percent dropout rate also shows African American and Latino students leaving school at much higher rates than other ethnic groups, according to data released today by state schools chief Jack O’Connell.

[From California high school dropout rate far higher than expected]

What’s Your Social Quotient?

My very good friend Steve Mann put together an interesting methodology for measuring a company’s social media strategy risk and success factor. Very straightforward and objective, but near the end comes something that is not part of the measure yet experience suggests is a major contributor to success in any organization:

I’ve also considered adding a “Millennial Infusion” rating. What is the Make-up Millennials in your organization. Millennials and Gen Xers are digitally native and tend to have a higher propensity to adopt social tools than late and early stage boomers – although this is in no way a hard and fast rule. However, I don’t have any data suggesting where the tipping point is on how many Millennials are needed to ratchet up adoption. Suffice it to say that the more the better.

For giggles I took the test on behalf of NewsGator, we scored a 23 and that puts us into the high end of the “medium SQ” range. The question that dragged us down from the high range is the one about innovation management, and this is a potential blind spot in the methodology that biases it to large companies. Simply put, I think we are strongly aligned to innovation as a core competency but unlike big companies we do not have a separate “innovation group” or tie compensation to innovation metrics, it’s just something that permeates the entire company.

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