NewsGator iPhone App

nnwOnHomeScreen.PNG NetNewsWire is now available on the iPhone. I don’t normally write about every product that we release but this one is really really cool because it takes full advantage of the touch interface to vastly enhance the user experience of a mobile feed reader.

Apple made a couple of really strange design choices, like the headset jack requiring an extension, and the lack of copy/paste, but adoption of the touch gestures really makes this device in my opinion. Ironically, touch gestures may be a primary reason why we don’t have copy/paste…

Brent put a lot of work into this app and it reflects not only his intuitive sense of what is right in a Mac app, or in this case, a Mac app on an iPhone, but also what works for users. I’ve always admired that NetNewsWire has a deep bench of features available to the user, but the user experience doesn’t overwhelm you with features.

Here are some screenshots of the app in action. Go download it from the App Store today.

nnwMainScreen.PNG nnwNewsItemsList.PNG nnwNewsItem.PNG