Artist Profile – John Eric Byers

This latest post in my continuing series of profiles about artists I like features John Eric Byers, who combines two of my favorite artistic niches, woodworking (carving) and textured finishes.

Byers range of work is pretty narrow but it reflects a highly skilled achievement in a specialty field of woodworking that is very difficult, carving. The finishes that Byers applies to his carvings are intricate and highly developed with multiple layers and just the right amount of technique to expose the finish without overwhelming it.

What’s interesting about Byers’ work is that it compels you to touch it. I like that as well as the fact that this isn’t delicate stuff intended for display cases behind closed glass, not only do you want to touch it but you actually can.

I’ve highlighted a few of his pieces, the first image features some neat stools that are functional as well as pleasing to look at and the next two images are of pieces that we have in our home, a carved wall panel and two spheres out of a set of 4 (spheres are actually surprisingly complex to make). I’d really like to get a set of the stools next, or perhaps a bench.