Charlene Li Leaving Forrester

For me, Charlene IS Forrester. Sad to see her leave, but at the same time it’s not hard to understand why.

Forrester has bent over backwards to be accommodating and flexible, but in the end, I have decided that I need to have greater control over how I allocate my time between work and family. As any working parent knows, there’s no such thing as balance – only a series of compromises on both the work and home front. For me and for now, that compromise needs to happen on the work front, so I have elected to leave Forrester on July 18th to have greater control over exactly when and how much time I devote to work and travel. This was a difficult decision for me to make and I’ll be taking a few weeks off this summer to figure out my next step — it is my goal to remain involved in this space, in a manner yet to be determined.

[From Why I’m leaving Forrester]

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