NewsGator launches Editor’s Desk 2.1

We released a new version of our popular Editor’s Desk widget service today. Featuring a dramatically updated interface and some cool new tools for creating and managing widgets, this is a big upgrade to something that already works really well. I particularly like the Facebook app creator that converts any widget into a full blown Facebook application.

We played around with the new version of Editor’s Desk and were impressed with how easy the whole creation process really was. To create a widget, you can either add your own RSS feeds or choose a collection of feeds from categories provided by NewsGator. The free version of the service only provides minimal customization options for your widgets, you can select from a set a templates and then modify some of the colors, but if you pay for the premium version of the service, you can customize the CSS and HTML of the widgets. Some companies like USA Today and The Discovery Channel have already done that with spectacular results.

[From NewsGator launches Editor’s Desk 2.1 – Download Squad]

There is a lot to check out here and this goes well beyond any other widget service’s ability to handle content feeds in a widget. Not only do we allow for the aggregation of multiple feeds but also the manipulation of feed content, the creation of keyword driven persistent search feeds that grab content from blogs and feeds, Twitter, LinkedIn messages, and much more. We also give you the option of adding feed “bundles” as sources from a comprehensive catalog of feeds. Cool stuff.

We updated the default widget templates and added multiple user profile management.


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