It’s the Software Stupid

PC manufacturers always attempt to compete with Apple on hardware design, and in the process they miss the point that it’s the software the makes a Mac appealing, not the matte silver box you see when you look at one. Indeed, the Macbook and Macbook Pro lines are long in the tooth and really in need of a refresh, but with Apple focusing all it’s energy on the iPhone, apparently, I’m not holding my breath. Macbook Air? Nice package but it is a fashion accessory first and that’s not what I need in a laptop.

If Windows operated even half as reliably and well as my Mac, I’d buy a Windows laptop in a heartbeat. But what’s the point of all the extra features like high speed wireless data and HDMI if it only works right half the time?

While the MacBook Air showed how slim a laptop could be, the Voodoo Envy ($2,100; demonstrates how much can fit in that space. Using the same compact CPU as the Air, the carbon-fiber-clad Envy measures just 0.7 inch thickā€”a tad thinner than the Mac at its thickest point. And it packs in more features, including a slot for high-speed cellular data cards, two USB ports, and an HDMI port for attaching to a high-def TV.

[From A Skinny PC, Fat with Features | Popular Science]

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