Clearwire promises a fully-open, “third pipe” WiMAX network

I remain a fan of WiMax despite it never quite achieving the promise held out in the early phases. While fully expecting to be a Clearwire customer by now, if it takes a few more years to ramp this to the mass market, I won’t complain.

A lengthy document filed this week with the FCC asks for permission to merge the 2.5GHz spectrum assets of Sprint and Clearwire into “New Clearwire,” the company backed by Sprint, Clearwire, Intel, Time Warner, Google, and Bright House. In the filing, Clearwire makes the case that it will provide true “third pipe” Internet access to home and mobile users at speeds of 6Mbps (and 3Mbps uplink).

[From Clearwire promises a fully-open, “third pipe” WiMAX network]

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