SF Travel Tips

Heading up to SF for meetings? I have found two very helpful tips to avoid the hassle and cost of driving and parking in downtown SF.

1) Take BART. The Daly City BART station is a mere 15’ish minutes away from the Embarcadero BART station. You can take BART from Milbrae but it more than doubles the time into SF so I drive an extra 10 minutes and park at the Daly City station. It’s about $5 roundtrip and parking is $2 but after 3:00pm the parking is free. The Powell St. station has an entrance to the Westfield Mall, which when you walk through the mall to the other side is a block away from Moscone.

Savings: $30 for parking downtown, gas.

Cost: $7

2) Take your car over to The Bay Detail on Pier 38 (True Ventures is here, home to Gigaom among others). Mario will handwash and clean the inside of your car for $30 or fully detail it for $250 (includes a clay bar treatment). From Pier 38 it’s a quick Muni ride away from pretty much anywhere in the downtown area and you don’t have to pay for parking and I would add that it’s probably quicker. I’d rather spend the $30 getting my car washed than having it sit in some parking lot for the day.

Savings: $30 for parking downtown

Cost: $30 for carwash, $1.50 or $3.00 for Muni ticket

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Mega Mansions Bloom

So much for green living, it’s pretty hard to make the case that a 20 or 30,000 square foot home is energy efficient and that’s all the more ironic considering it is the megarich who are often lecturing the rest of us about environmental issues.

It’s not just LA that is seeing a building boom of mega mansions either… from Tom Siebel’s 60,000 square footer in Woodside that has local residents wondering if it will ever be finished to Mike Goguen’s 55,000 square foot home a private jet flight away in Whitefish Montana!

As an aside, Siebel recently followed his former boss Larry Ellison and appealed to the county to have his property reassessed to lower the taxes.

If there are 20 residences of 20,000-plus square feet in the works for Los Angeles County, it would represent a surge of mega-mansions. According to records from the Los Angeles County assessor, there are fewer than 60 homes with more than 20,000 square feet in the county and fewer than 10 with more than 30,000.

[From Mega-mansions are L.A.’s really big show – Los Angeles Times]

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