The Power of Good Graphics

I love observing how data is presented for maximum effectiveness. Today I saw a slide that came out of the Congressman Roy Blunt’s office detailing how competing policy proposals would impact the price of gasoline.

I am NOT posting this to highlight partisan issues but simply to highlight how the presentation takes advantage of a graphic that is contextual to the topic at hand, the gas station price sign. This is a really effective slide that presents a lot of information in a form that is easily digestible and has good context to the subject matter.


More on this topic (What's this?) Read more on Gasoline at Wikinvest

Ratifying Excesses

This is why I don’t support any effort to “bail out” homeowners who overpaid for their homes or borrowed more money than they could afford to pay back. Government bailouts as are being thrown around this election year only serve to ratify the excesses of a bubble market.

In markets hit hardest by falling home prices and rising foreclosures, lenders and brokers are discovering a new phenomenon: the “buy and bail,” in which borrowers with good credit buy a new home — often at a much lower price — then bail out of the “upside down” mortgage on their first home.

[From Some Buy a New Home to Bail on the Old –]

Dayak – The Recruiting Marketplace

Dayak is one of the most interesting companies I saw at the Launch Silicon Valley event yesterday. What I liked about it is that they don’t seek to disintermediate the recruiting market, they attempt to optimize the existing marketplace dynamics by enhancing the opportunity to recruiters (the intermediaries) to make more money through the ability to cast a wider net for new job listings.

Secondly, professional recruiters tend to focus only on management and high annual salary technical positions, which is not surprising considering that recruiter compensation is a function of flat fee and a variable fee tied to the salary of the position they are placing. Dayak is expanding into lower salary blue and white collar positions and having success at both posting job reqs and getting recruiters to actually submit resumes.

Neat company, something that I never would have thought would have interested me but after listening to the pitch I was sold.

Posting jobs is absolutely free and employers pick their own fee for a successful hire. Employers create a detailed job profile that gives recruiters the information they need to quickly identify the right candidate for the position. Once posted, employer jobs are only visible to a network of professional recruiters (not job seekers).

[From Dayak – The Recruiting Marketplace]

Blogs I Like

I clicked on Thomas Hawk’s site recently after far too long an absence, it’s still a kick ass blogs that serves to not only feature his passion – digital photography – but also provide compelling commentary on the tech industry, public policy and other interesting observations.

Hawk is CEO and chief evangelist (redundant titles, I’ve never met a CEO who wasn’t the #1 booster) for Zooomr. I haven’t used Zooomr much in recent months but then my digital image production has declined as well (using that as an excuse to buy a new camera body) however I still believe that Zooomr is one of the best image sites available today and that is a reflection of Hawk’s passion as much as Kristopher Tate’s immense talent.