New NewsGator Website

I usually hate PR about a company’s spiffy new website launching, it just seems so pointless… but that’s not going to stop me from pimping the new NewsGator site that went live over the weekend.

Designing a new website is always an interesting process, which is to say that it’s prone to a lot of argument with the outcome never able to please everyone. In this instance I think our marketing group did a good job, it emphasizes the customer success – hero stories – that are a sign of a maturing marketplace and it has a lot of good content about the “social enterprise”.

We probably went a little overboard on “social” but that’s clearly what enterprise customers want to buy because that is specifically what they are asking for, so more is better I guess. The NewsGator Widgets site looks pretty threadbare now but we’ll rev that with new content and richer customer stories; we have the data so it’s easy to highlight.


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