New NewsGator Website

I usually hate PR about a company’s spiffy new website launching, it just seems so pointless… but that’s not going to stop me from pimping the new NewsGator site that went live over the weekend.

Designing a new website is always an interesting process, which is to say that it’s prone to a lot of argument with the outcome never able to please everyone. In this instance I think our marketing group did a good job, it emphasizes the customer success – hero stories – that are a sign of a maturing marketplace and it has a lot of good content about the “social enterprise”.

We probably went a little overboard on “social” but that’s clearly what enterprise customers want to buy because that is specifically what they are asking for, so more is better I guess. The NewsGator Widgets site looks pretty threadbare now but we’ll rev that with new content and richer customer stories; we have the data so it’s easy to highlight.


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SCOTUS Ends IP Shakedown

This is a HUGE ruling that will have broad ramifications in the tech industry where licensed IP is regularly used in derivative products. This is a pro-consumer ruling because it removes a barrier to innovation that existed with patent holders attempting to extract licensing revenues well down the supply chain.

Mike over at TechDirt has a good perspective on this case.

Justice Clarence Thomas reined in the appeals court, saying that “for over 150 years the Supreme Court has applied the doctrine of patent exhaustion” and that it applies in this case. The doctrine says that the sale of an invention exhausts the patent-holder’s right to control how the purchaser uses it.

[From The Associated Press: High court rules against multiple royalties]

Anti-Energy Policy

This entire article and interview sums up the schizophrenia that Washington politicians have about energy, the dominant source of which is crude oil and that’s simply not going to change in the next decade. The Democrats in Congress take every opportunity to skewer oil companies for not investing in domestic production and for relying on foreign oil, but then take every possible action to oppose domestic production of oil. It’s maddening because between oil shale and sands, North America has more known oil reserves than Saudi Arabia.

Critics of drilling in ANWR like to point out that production there won’t yield results for another 10 years, yet the debate about drilling in ANWR goes back to 1987, over 20 years now.

Salazar says he’s simply trying to slow things down in order to ensure environmental considerations don’t get trampled in the rush to turn western Colorado into a new Prudhoe Bay. But, ironically, his bid to extend the moratorium comes at a time when his fellow Senate Democrats have been blasting Big Oil for not reinvesting enough of their profits into developing new sources of energy.

[From The politics of oil shale – Jun. 6, 2008]

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