Denver Hotel Reviews

I am in Denver quite frequently and given that the NewsGator offices are located squarely downtown, I have had the opportunity to sample a broad range of local hotels. In fact, I have stayed at enough to offer up a pretty good set of reviews and in the event you are traveling to Denver for business or pleasure, well this could be useful, as would Circos’ hotel search.

First a word about location. If you are downtown it makes sense to stay downtown because everything is central and you won’t need a car. Parking is expensive at a hotel or a lot so getting a car will translate into an extra $70 a day, which if you are not using it is a waste.

The airport is a good distance from downtown so call Karim at All Access Limo (720-366-4820) to schedule a car service, the guy is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and 100% reliable, plus roundtrip car service is about the same as a taxi. If you are in town for more than 2 days, it is cheaper to use Karim than to rent a car.

Once downtown you can easily get around using the 16th St. Mall free bus service and all of the hotels I review here are no more than 2-3 blocks off 16th St. If you need to be in Boulder, stay in Boulder as downtown Denver is just far enough away to be a PITA if you need to drive it.

Hotel Monaco

This is my favorite hotel in Denver. It’s a little old school with big rooms and high ceilings, yet modern with updated bathrooms and free wifi. It’s located literally across the street from the NewsGator offices, so it’s centrally located. The attached restaurant is called Panzano and it is a favorite of mine whether staying at the hotel or not; the grilled caesar with anchovies is about as good as they come. My only complaint is that the pricing is really erratic and quite often they have better rates on Expedia or than they do on their own website, but if the rate is less than $200 a night you would be hard pressed to find a better hotel in Denver. They are dog friendly as well, if that’s important to you.

Hyatt Regency

This is a newer hotel and is a big one because it’s attached to the convention center. When big events are taking place you can bet this hotel will be packed, which is the downside because the restaurants, bars, and cafe get really busy. The rooms are nice and on the high floors the view is fantastic. It is what you would expect from a Hyatt Regency, which means room rates can be volatile. They have a great bar on the 27th floor called Pike’s Lounge that offers a really nice view to go with your cocktail. Restaurants are okay, nothing great just okay.

Residence Inn

This hotel was built around the same time as the Hyatt Regency and is located next door to the Monaco. It’s consistently in my top 5 list when I book travel to Denver. If you are in town for a week or more, this is where you want to stay.

Curtis Hotel

Well I don’t think very highly of the Curtis, but I am including it in this review just because it’s a downtown hotel and they did reach out to me after my blog post and offered me a free stay to “make up for the bad experience” but I haven’t taken them up on it.

Marriott Courtyard

Great location, terrible beds and linens. I am not exaggerating when I say I have never had a full night of good sleep in this hotel. The manager emailed me after my last stay to “see how my stay was” and I told him… never heard back. I don’t stay here anymore just because of the beds.

Westin Tabor Center

Nice location, adjacent to some good restaurants and it’s almost right on the 16th St. mall. It’s a Westin so the beds are really nice and it’s a full service hotel in every aspect. It is expensive compared to competitive hotels in the downtown area. In terms of location, it is tough to beat.

Hilton Garden Inn

I just stayed here last week and was really impressed. Nice rooms and everything was really clean. It’s located across the street from the Hyatt Regency so it’s a good location in terms of mass transit access and restaurants. They have a nice coffee shop on site and the restaurant is pretty good, although I only had breakfast there.

Oxford Hotel

This is an old school hotel way down on 16th St. by the train station. By old school I mean very traditional and very old, which isn’t always a good thing for hotels IMO but in this case it works because they have this very cool art deco theme that isn’t a manufactured thing. Very cool hotel bar and less hustle-and-bustle than some of the other downtown hotels. I haven’t stay here in a while because I think it’s kind of expensive and it’s not very conveniently located for me. My friend Fish swears by this hotel, so it must be pretty nice.

Brown Palace

The Brown Palace is like the Oxford, very old, but it’s on the other end of downtown. I have only stayed here once so I can’t offer much beyond it’s old and it’s brown. Like the Oxford, it isn’t conveniently located for me, but if you were doing business in the City Center, well this would be a prime location.

The Warwick

Don’t stay here, it’s not conveniently located and the rooms are old and dingy. The staff is friendly and they do have a really nice outdoor patio restaurant, but the patio part is out front on a busy intersection.

Magnolia Hotel

Like the Monaco, this hotel is centrally located and elegantly apportioned. I’d stay here more often if the rates came down but for more than $200 a night (which when taxes and fees are thrown in means $240 a night) it’s not a great value. I don’t think I’m exceptional in saying that when you start approaching $300 a night and you are not a Manhattan hotel, well you better back it up with some pretty great service and premium rooms (not to mention free wifi).

Hotel Teatro

Very cool hotel but usually very expensive. When they do have deals on rates they tend to be for really small rooms. The restaurant in the hotel, Kevin Taylor, is one of the best in Denver and you should book a reservation here regardless of whether you are staying in the hotel or not. If I were coming in for the weekend with my wife, this would be at the top of my list.

Grand Hyatt

I was surprised that this turned out to be a pretty nice hotel to stay in. The location is not great but it’s not bad either, but the rooms are nice and quiet. The restaurant would be what I would call a last resort, but only because the layout and location in the building is not appealing, the food is okay but you just want to finish as quickly as possible and leave.

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