Yahoo Retake

I’ve been thinking about that Yahoo post I wrote last week and wish now that I had not written it the way I did. It was a great example of style stomping on substance and I should have wrote that post just for the purpose of venting the frustration I feel with the company and never hit the publish button.

Given a time machine, here’s what I would have written instead, 2 posts:

1) A post dealing with the massive frustration that I and countless other Yahoo shareholders feel about the Microsoft deal gone bad.

2) I could have dug up some of my old posts on business development in big companies. The reason why big companies rarely partner successfully with smaller companies is the mismatch in both urgency and the scope that is required to make things interesting. This could be a good post if written in the context of a single company, such as Yahoo.

At any rate, I’ve had several people comment privately to me that even though I was aggressive I was substantively right on, but in the final equation that matters little because I felt wrong after reading it. I am turning off comments on this post because I did not write this for anyone to comment, this is me owning up to a mistake I made, so I’d rather that no one comment on this post (I can’t figure out how to turn off comments on a single post with IntenseDebate).

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