Digital Hollywood

I spoke on a panel at the Digital Hollywood event yesterday, an event that has grown substantially from years past which no doubt reflects the growth of technology in entertainment. Here’s a flipbook version of the conference agenda… why not a plain ‘ol PDF?

Many of the panels were focused on online advertising, viral marketing, and monetization of content, all topics that capture the imagination of Silicon Valley, however I would offer the observation that the majority of companies were not from the Valley. In fact, most of these companies, some who were doing some really interesting things, I have never heard of. I would caveat that comment by saying I would not consider myself as having an encyclopedic knowledge of startups in these spaces, but having said that, you pick up a lot of chatter in the Valley echo chamber and these are not companies you hear about.

What is going on in the world of online media and advertising is massively disruptive. Big brands, and indeed small brands, are trying to figure out the viral marketing and social advertising game, and although the results have been mixed so far the fact remains that money will flow here to the detriment of print and broadcast mediums.

That may be somewhat stating the obvious but what is not often noted is the phenomenal range of companies that are being created to exploit the intersection of generational shift, online behavior, digital content, and brand management. Also not noted is that most of these companies are not in the Valley but in places like SoCal, Boulder, and New York.