Twitterfone, Simply Perfection

Twitterfone is a new service that let’s you send Twitter updates through speech recognition. You dial a number, record your tweet and hang up. It’s that simple.

My headline is a bold statement but allow me to explain why I believe that Twitterfone might in fact be a perfect application service:

  1. It works. I have no way of testing it against dialects, etc. but for my California english, it works flawlessly.
  2. Simplicity. You sign up, get a confirmation code via SMS, add your Twitter account details, and it’s ready to go. You call the number, record your tweet and hang up. It’s a 3 minute process.
  3. Amazingly viral. There are two aspects of the way this service is designed that make it incredibly viral. The first is really just the way Twitter is designed, the tweets include a status line indicating what client the user is using. The second is more important, for every Twitterfone tweet the service includes a tinyurl link back to the Twitterfone page that include an audio recording of your tweet. So basically, every tweet is an opportunity to acquire a new customer because of the high leverage factor (I am one Twitterfone user but 600 followers see my Twitterfone tweets and all get a link back to Twitterfone). Say I send 15 tweets a day using Twitterfone, multiplied by the number of followers I have and that is 8,700 impressions each day I am generating.
  4. It’s compact. The core service engine has to be robust but this is a solved problem (i.e. call centers). The user experience does not require significant feature buildout and aside from adding languages and dialects, there’s not a lot that they have to do.
  5. Monetization potential. Given the demographics and the mobile-centric nature of the service, along with the traffic growth they could generate in a very short period of time, this is a natural for advertising… a legitimate advertising model, not the “advertising because we couldn’t think of any other way to make money” kind.
  6. The WOW Moment. Every product and service has a moment in the first 60 seconds of use that an impression is formed which will shape all future interactions. This is the WOW Moment and it’s binary, you either have it or you don’t.

9 thoughts on Twitterfone, Simply Perfection

  1. Thank Jeff whilst building the service I thought back to a talk given at LeWeb Paris by Evan Williams on what they had to take away from Twitter to make it the success it is today. We built Twitterfone with exactly those thoughts in mind, there will be no further upgrades. We will add lots of countries for incoming numbers but the site is FINISHED. Japan will probably be in the picture soon also as we own both those urls also.

  2. How is this different from Jott? Sounds pretty much like the same thing.

  3. You had me going there for a minute. Then I realized that this thing is like Jott, and uses humans, at least somewhat, on the backend. Sorry, not impressed with that.

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  5. It's great that Twitterfone has been able to make such a big splash by out-performing existing offerings in this space. It's a great lesson for entrepreneurs that getting there first doesn't always mean getting there better.

  6. Jott only works in the US and Canada. Twitter is everywhere guys. Twitterfone is simply great. Awesome job Pat.

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