Marvel Moves To Shut Down TechCrunch Iron Man Screening

UPDATE: Mike writes that this has all been worked out. Apparently it was Oracle who was the bad actor, pun intended, in this movie drama for they are hosting a similar screening and didn’t like the TechCrunch competition. The lesson learned, if any, is that it pays to aim first before firing a shot, had Marvel/Paramount’s lawyers taken the time to investigate the facts before firing off a CAD, well it would not have blown up so spectacularly in their faces. As for Oracle…

Just one more reason why corporate lawyers should be hermetically sealed and only allowed near a keyboard with prior approval of someone with actual common sense. Mike bought every ticket to the Metreon’s showing of Iron Man, then offered it to TechCrunch’s community for $1 a ticket, clearly taking a loss to host everyone. BTW, Mike is also a lawyer.

Just to be clear, we paid the full ticket price for every seat and are fully authorized to do this. This is unbelievable and stupid in so many ways, and goes right to the top of the list of moronic legal moves against us. And he even ends the note with a “please don’t print” message.

[From Oh. My. God. Marvel Moves To Shut Down Our Iron Man Screening]