LED Lighting

I like home LED lighting but only for very specific applications, like counter lighting and for cabinets. The diffusion and color temperature of these lights is odd and they don’t get better as they warm up, like CFLs do. While this development is welcome, the chief business development guy just gave me an excuse to wait 2 years before jumping in. Referring to the high cost of the technology, which they currently offer for $40 for a single screw in bulb, Gibler said:

“They will be half the cost in another two years,” he said.

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House GOP challenges Pelosi for gas price plan

$4 a startling reality, how about $4.39 I paid today in SF. Longtime readers will recall that I started calling for reductions in gasoline and diesel taxes as early as May of 2006.

“Once a nightmare scenario, $4 gasoline is now a very real possibility of becoming a summer staple,” the letter stated. “In some cities, including San Francisco and Chicago, it is already a startling reality.”

[From TheHill.com – House GOP challenges Pelosi for gas price plan]

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Bolivian President on Earth Day

Erik Estrada, er I mean Bolivian President Evo Morales wants the UN to scrap capitalism as a way of saving the planet… I guess he believes that a central committee of senior party officials should determine the allocation of resources for the collective good. Oh yeah, that was tried and we got Chernobyl.

Opening a UN forum on the global impact of climate change on indigenous peoples, Mr Morales said that capitalism should be scrapped if the planet is to be saved from the effects of climate change.

“If we want to save our planet earth, we have a duty to put an end to the capitalist system,” he said.

[From BBC NEWS | Americas | Leaders warn on biofuels and food]

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