Twitter Withdrawals

And I thought it was just a slow weekend in Twitterville… interestingly, I was getting Twitter updates in Alert Thingy via FriendFeed, not sure why it worked there but not in other Twitter clients or their own web interface.

Siegler’s comments about service status updates is really customer service 101 for companies like Twitter. I can’t imagine anyone saying at this point that when there is a major service disruption that it’s no big deal not to post any updates in places where people can find them.

Having a service update channel on twitter is fine, but it’s a little hard to update twitter users about a service breakdown when the network isn’t working properly… and GetSatisfaction is nice but as has been pointed out, .00001% of the userbase knows this exists, much less actually thinks about it when their is a problem.

With Web 2.0 this week I cannot think of a worse time for the service to fail. It would be like a widespread power failure on tax day…

If this problem spills over into tomorrow – or worse, Tuesday when the huge Web 2.0 Expo starts in San Francisco, expect a world of pain for Twitter. If they would simply acknowledge and update the users it might not be so bad. Otherwise we’re going to see Bitchmeme taken to a whole new level.

[From ParisLemon: Twitter FAIL Day 3: Communications Breakdown]

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  3. I missed a bunch of DMs from at least one friend on Saturday, who got pissed off at me for not responding. I’m glad we got to the bottom of it, because until we did, I was in the shithouse.

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