Alert Thingy Killed Facebook

Just like Thwirl and Snitter totally changed the way I interact with Twitter and drove up my usage as a result, Alert Thingy is doing that for FriendFeed.

As Dennis says, who btw I ripped off the title for this post from, the result is that I am evolving in my behaviors with social networks at a fast cycle rate. The result is that I haven’t logged into Facebook in months and find little reason to resume.

With regard to comments escaping the blogosphere, I’m finding myself engaging in more discussion threads as FriendFeed comments attached to items, something I find both very convenient and very concerning.


2 thoughts on Alert Thingy Killed Facebook

  1. I have to think that the majority of the public is using Facebook for the photos and group features.

    I’ve got to think this FriendFeed phenomenon is an isolated-hysteria in the blogosphere. The majority of casual Facebook users don’t also have a Flickr, Plaxo, Digg, etc. account as well.

  2. Video killed the radio star. Who cares? This is all just fashion anyway.

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