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Back in Jan I wrote about the need for a comment protocol in the blogosphere. This is about much more than just tracking comments, it’s about comment discovery as well. Today, with FriendFeed and other services adding commenting in the meta layer, well the need for comment portability is even more critical.

The bell has been rung, anyone who thinks they can contain comments to their blog alone is delusional. Since the advent of XML we have been on a steady march to content and data integration as structured data in the form of unstructured text with a self-contained definition. While almost everyone takes this as just normal web stuff, you would have to go back to the 1990’s to see that what we take for granted today is actually quite dramatic when compared to the way things were.

Maybe this is why FriendFeed is bigger than I have been giving it credit for, I’ve just been missing this part of the picture.

As a blogger, I am a content creator. I don’t want my content stolen, or reposted without attribution or under somebody else’s name. But I am also a huge advocate of RSS and continuing to adapt where the conversation is being held. Just as my blog’s RSS views have undoubtedly eclipsed my blog page views, I would not be surprised to see that more comments on my posts might eventually live outside of my blog. It would behoove me and other bloggers to be aware of the other places the conversation will be taking place, and to engage there, in my opinion, rather than railing against the continued evolution of how we’re consuming content and engaging online.

[From Should Fractured Feed Reader Comments Raise Blog Owners’ Ire?: Silicon Valley Blog]

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  1. Jeff – Commenting is in a horrid state right now. Can’t subscribe to some comment feeds, some are e-mail only, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to run the 100 or so blog sites to see if anyone has commented on my comments – it’s a huge time sink. Bi-directional commenting in/out of readers/aggregators is a mess as well, although Disqus, FriendFeed, etc. are starting to figure this out.

    I have a micropoll running, for anyone interested in weighing in on commenting platforms/capabilities. See or SMS biztechtalk to 77321.

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