Vertical Ad Networks Are About Advertisers

Ad networks cater to people buying advertising because that’s where the money is flowing and advertisers care about where their ads are being placed. This is why vertical ad networks make sense, they vet destinations for appropriateness and fit. SyndiGO is another one to watch; they build a vertical ad network for you as an advertiser.

Similarly, Travel Ad Network should also roll up a bunch of travel properties to get a better footprint, and a vertical integration. The Travel space is slightly more complicated, because of the considerable clout of the vertical search engines, of which, Kayak also intends to pull together a vertical ad network.

[From Vertical Ad Networks: Evolution – Sramana Mitra on Strategy]

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6 thoughts on Vertical Ad Networks Are About Advertisers

  1. With all the excitement around location-based services I was surprised that my (admittedly cursory) search for a hyperlocal ad network didn’t turn up much.

    And when I say “hyperlocal” I don’t mean “in the CBS 5 viewing area” like CBS and Syndigo apparently do, I mean “within 500 feet of 30.382527,-97.793071”.

    Jeff, if you or any of your readers knows of such a beast I’d be interested in a pointer. If not, um, let’s start one. 🙂


  2. Charlie,

    I don’t think something like that is feasible just yet. First off, I don’t think that approach fits the vertical ad network model. Vertical Ad Networks are about aggregating similar inventory from lots of sources. You could definitely do a geographic “vertical” ad network by aggregating say NYC blogs (and newspapers), but obviously it’s not the scale you’re talking about.

    The scale you’re talking about is a technology solution across a generic ad network most likely. And the accuracy of geo resolutions just aren’t high enough (by resolving IP). Even major ad networks/portals can only get so much scale down to the zip code level – let alone 500ft of a location.

    Now on Mobile – that’s another story. I think a few years time we’ll potentially see significant volume delivered to mobile devices resolved down to that level, but that carries a whole host of other challenges from both the advertiser angle, scaling angle, and technology/publisher angle that I think that could be a whole long discussion by itself.


  3. Yes, I’m talking about mobile. The audience may not be there yet, but the technology sure is. And I imagine the audience is going to show up rather overnight.


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