Comcast offers super-fast Internet speeds

Comcast Corp. the largest U.S. cable television operator, said on Wednesday it has started offering a super-fast Internet service that allows customers to download a high-definition movie in 10 minutes.

[From Comcast offers super-fast Internet speeds | Technology | Reuters]

Remember the Steve Martin movie The Jerk? He’s working in the circus at the weight guessing booth and he says:

“You can win anything in this general area right in here. Anything below the stereo and on this side of the bicentennial glasses. Anything between the ashtrays and the thimble.Anything in this three inches right in here, in this area.That includes the Chiclets, but not the erasers.”

Sometimes that how I feel about cable and telecom companies. All the cool shit gets rolled out to a neighborhood that is 2 square blocks in North Dakota for testing, and more testing.

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  1. Vinnie, you got me excited for a minute, but Webpass will never work in single home residential area, only in large cities, where they hook it up to a large office building or condo, then just bring the ethernet cable to the individual units 🙁

  2. Or worse, when it comes close, but not quite close enough. “Cool, FIOS is coming to Houston? Awesome! Oh wait, League City and surrounding areas? Are you kidding me? Dang.”

  3. It’s the Detroit strategy. Electric cars, fuel cell cars, anything that may remotely seem “cool” is tested in Sacramento – for two weeks.

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