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Apparently there are a lot of angry journalists… if this were the 1980’s this site would be called and in the 1990’s, is for the underpaid, overworked, frustrated, pissed off and ignored media professionals to publicly and anonymously vent their anger. Share your story. With any luck, you’ll feel better.

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Business, and journalism is a business, constantly changes at the hand of technology, economics, and consumer behaviors, it is what it is. It’s hard for me to by sympathetic because many of the wounds are self-inflicted, I remember a cocktail party I attended around 1995 where a group of people I was talking with worked at a local television station in their news room. I asked what they thought the effect of the Web would be in how they used technology.

They literally laughed it off, scoffing that the Internet would never be a mainstream news distribution vehicle and it wasn’t likely to change the way they worked either. I had a fascination with the web at that time but no inkling as to it’s potential impact, so I asked the question more out of curiosity than any preconceived notion looking for validation. It’s funny the things you remember vividly after so many years, but perhaps I do because this group of local news pros were actually quite young, all in their mid-20’s at the time.

The history of journalism and technology is being written every day and while it’s likely that this period of time will be recalled for tremendous turmoil, it’s also likely that it can be written as a time when new brands emerged and growth returned. The good ‘ol days, were they ever so, ain’t coming back, that much is clear.

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  1. I highly recommend Terry Heaton’s Pomo Blog (on BB, can’t easily link right now, sorry) for an in-depth, ongoing look at how the web has had an impact on local news in particular. Lovely guy, too.

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