Artist Profile – Jacques Vesery

This guy is amazing. Jacques Vesery is a Maine-based wood turner and carver who accomplishes detail and realism that goes beyond what conventional wisdom suggests is possible. The former Navy submariner displays a keen eye for the forms of nature while applying a deft touch with a rotary grinder and a wood burning tool to achieve highly refined details in his pieces.

I love turned and carved pieces and believe that these disciplines are the pinnacle of the creative woodworking spectrum. With enough patience and technical skill, anyone can do casework and furniture pieces, but having said that I don’t wish to dismiss these craftsman either because technical proficiency is but one aspect of the craft. I guess my point is that turning and carving at the level that Vesery does it depends on raw artistic ability combined with massive technical proficiency and that’s pretty rare.

I have yet to acquire any of his work but anxiously look forward to the opportunity to do so.

200803250936.jpg 200803251034.jpg