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I’m not a fan of email signatures that use images, fancy fonts, have legal disclaimers, and overshoot while attempting to achieve cleverness. But having said that, this is a pretty valuable piece of real estate that can be used effectively to not only communicate key details but reinforce brand messages.

Email signatures come in all shapes and sizes – those that are non-existent, those with a name and title, those with a name, title and phone number, those with a quote, etc – the list can go on and on.

[From Business in General: What shape and size is your email signature?]

UPDATE: It was commented to me yesterday that I should have posted my sig. I didn’t do that because it’s really short, but here goes (I stripped out my mobile number for obvious reasons):

Jeff Nolan
NewsGator Technologies

(m) 650-555-1212

“In today’s ecosystem of news, the greatest sin is to cut oneself off from the conversation.”
– John Batelle, The Searh (p. 174)

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2 thoughts on Email Signatures

  1. Mine is ridiculously long, well past good common sense of 4-7 lines. That being said, every day I look at (and share) measurable, achievable, transparent goals that can be observed by anyone, and are being usually being “measured” by a outside third party online web site.

    N: Mark Grimes
    P: 503-502-0185
    C: – a better world, every day
    M: 4888 NW Bethany Blvd, K5-222 Portland, OR 97229
    O: 107 SE Washington St, Suite 520 Portland, OR 97214

    2007 Ned Accomplishments & Milestones
    78,850 youtube neddotcom channel video views
    59 microloans:
    64 better world videos:
    345 members:

    2008 Ned Goals & Deliverables
    1,000,000 web site page views monthly
    500,000 youtube neddotcom channel video views
    1,000 registered members
    500 Better World Island monthly project revenue
    150 microloans
    25 good quality inbound web site links
    10 ongoing monthly sponsors
    7 new videos at neddotcom YouTube channel
    6 projects anywhere in the world
    3 microfinance workshop sessions in Portland
    2 events where five or more Ned members meet FTF
    2 thriving real world locations
    2 or more totally unexpected spectacular things

  2. I’m a fan of this approach too, to promulgate important branding messages that need to be spread as ubiquitously as possible.

    The key things i add to my signature, in addition to cell phone information?

    1. VMware Fusion team blog url.

    2. And a nod to the ubiquitous “Sent from my handheld, please excuse typos” but with a virtual twist:

    [Sent from MS Outlook in a virtual machine using
    VMware Fusion on my MacBook Pro!]

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