Good Riddance Spitzer

NY Governor Eliot Spitzer resigns after prostitution habit revealed. It’s almost ironic that the governor of The Empire State would be dethroned by the Empire Club…

200803101317.jpg Spitzer’s comments about “politics never being about the person” are particularly outrageous given Spitzer’s political life has always been about Spitzer’s political ambitions. He used the office of AG to bully individuals, whether guilty or not, into settlements he likely couldn’t win in court, as populist stepping stones to the governor’s mansion and then to national office. The self-appointed “sheriff of Wall St.” was anything but in retrospect.

His first year as governor was marked by one scandal and controversy after another, now we have the definitive judgement that Spitzer has crossed the line from fame to infamy and will be remembered as one of the worst governors in the history of New York state.

It’s hard to have sympathy for anyone who’s fall from grace is self-inflicted, even more so considering Spitzer’s self-described piety. Pride cometh before the fall.

UPDATE: CNN gets props for the most benign opening paragraph in their story. “New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer is under investigation for allegedly meeting with a prostitute in a Washington hotel, two sources with knowledge of the investigation tell CNN.” Yeah, I’m sure the meeting was to talk about budget issues, parliamentary procedures or port security. He was caught up in an investigation of a prostitution business that transferred money across state lines and conspired to commit broad illegal activities.

2 thoughts on Good Riddance Spitzer

  1. I just heard Congressman King call Eliot (client # 9) the most self-righteous person he had ever met.

    Maybe I am jaded but this type of behavior from politicians no longer shocks me. What I find inexplicable is the wife is always there by the disgraced politician’s side. I would hold my own press conference announcing my intention to file for divorce. The call girl got $4300 for this tryst. If I was the wife I would be mad about that waste of money as well.

  2. I thought of former NJ Gov McGreevey dragging his poor wife in front of the cameras for their press conference. Mrs. Spitzer looked shell shocked on top of everything else. I felt bad for her and her daughters more than anything else.

    The whole politicians and prostitute thing is shockingly common, but Spitzer’s self-righteousness is what has him hoisted up by his own petard.

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