Starbucks Closes for “Retraining”

At least they didn’t call it “re-education,” which sounds kinda creepy. I would give Schultz credit for attacking the problem but I can’t help but think that from a PR standpoint this is not the kind of attention that they need because it focuses attention on the fact that their retail customer service has, broadly speaking, gone to shit. I haven’t been into a Starbucks in at least 5 months because of the service and the quality of the coffee.

The next thing Schultz should do is rip out those automatic espresso machines and go back to the old style manual machines. I don’t want espresso that is the same thing as what I can make at home, I want espresso porn.

CEO Howard Schultz announced the 3-hour closure starting at 5:30 p.m. local time Tuesday to energize 135,000 employees.

[From Coffee break: Starbucks closing for 3 hours today –]

4 thoughts on Starbucks Closes for “Retraining”

  1. Hi Jeff,
    I had the exact opposite reaction w/r/t PR: that this action highlighted that they knew there was a problem and they take it seriously enough to close the business for a few hours. This and other moves by Schultz parallel what McDonald’s did a few years ago in getting back to basics — very successful for MCD and I think it will be so for Starbucks.

    Finally, apparently Schultz is refocusing on the coffee culture as well. The reason he jettisoned the breakfast sandwiches is that they overpowered the coffee aroma, making it smell like just another fast food place.


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